Diospyros lotus

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an Asiatic persimmon tree cultivated for its small yellow or purplish-black edible fruit much valued by Afghan tribes

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Gokhan Ertugrul, Murat Coskun, Mahsuni Sevinc, Behzat Yelimlies, Fisun Ertugrul and Toygar Toydemir: A rare cause of gastrointestinal phytobezoars: Diospyros lotus.
2013c), among which Diospyros lotus draw our attention for the exploration of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of its fractions and isolation of active chemical constituents responsible for its activity.
Diospyros lotus belongs to family Ebenaceae which is a deciduous tree, habituated in China and Asia.
Roots of Diospyros lotus were collected from Razagram, Dir, KPK, Pakistan, in May 2009.
Antioxidant and antiproliferative activity of Diospyros lotus L.