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a granular crystalline intrusive rock

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The Mirkani granitoids, western part of KB, consist of diorite, granodiorite and granitic units of calc-alkaline nature which yield LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon ages of 120-121Ma (work in progress; Fig.
Three main geological units lie in the area of El Vapor district, (Fig 1): (i) San Lucas quartz-feldspathic gneisses (Gonzalez, 2001), which contains lenses of amphibolite and marble and are Proterozoic (Feininger et al., 1972); (ii) Segovia batholith of Jurassic age (160 [+ or -] 7 M.a., K/Ar in hornblende, Feininger et al., 1972), consists of a diorite with textural and compositional variations of quartz diorite and locally hornblende gabbro; and finally, (iii) Segovia sedimentary rocks in the west of Segovia mainly composed of black shales interbedded with siltstones, sandstones and intraformational conglomerates, which in the north of the area have been dated between the upper Aptian and the lower Albian (Feininger et al., 1972) based on macro-fauna dating.
Drilling at Lady Charlotte (immediately to the east of Undaunted) has targeted interpreted diorites around some historical intercepts.
Copper (gold) ore body I and II that have been found are controlled by both surrounding rock and intermediate-acid rock and are generated in the skarns near the contact zone of quartz diorites and marbles and the cracks of quartz diorite respectively.
Un afflux tardif de magma mafique a perturbe les roches mafiques agees et a entraine une hybridation avec le granite, produisant des << diorites >> heterogenes complexes.
Magnetic data has been useful for detecting magnetic susceptibility contrast among Diorites, basalts, pyroclastic rocks, breccias, mineralised areas and halos of alteration thereby helping to define drill targets together with the results of radiometry and induced polarization surveys.
The sampled plutons of the Merrimack belt are composed dominantly of hornblende-biotite diorites and granodiorites.
The spider variation diagrams for granites, granodiorites, diorites and gabbroic diorites show slope ofthe data from LILE towards HFSE and depletion ofNb which are the characteristic features of their calc-alkaline nature related to island arc setup.
On Reindeer Lake plutons range in composition from diorite to granite, although quartz diorites, tonalites and granodiorites predominate.
The rocks exposed in the study area are highly deformed and include basalt-andesite sheet dominant volcanics and un-deformed volcanic rocks of Ishkoman Volcanic Center / Teru Volcanic Formation of Ghizar Formation and diorites of the Kohistan batholith.
The whole rock geochemistry of the studied non-porphyritic volcanics of CVG and the gabbroic- diorites of KB are of typical calc-alkaline character showing close affinities to subduction zone geochemical component.
The igneous masses comprise granites diorites ultra-basic and volcanic rocks.
The geology of the area is mainly comprised of the Chalt volcanics and diorites belonging to Kohistan island arc (KIA).