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a Nilotic language

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Many dissidents have fallen victims to this well-protected group as quarters of the larger Dinka community silently groaned under a yoke of fear of a 'bigger threat to its survival'; even as the suppressed press is coerced not to reporting every extrajudicial killing within the country.
Cet article explore ces questions en se concentrant sur les Dinka occidentaux du Greater Gogrial.
The conference is sponsored by the Higher Council for Coordination of Abyei Dinka in Sudan.
Keywords: Sudanese refugees, Dinka, depression, anxiety, Hopkins Symptom Checklist 25, HSCL-25, translation of mental health screening instruments
It was also revealed that the mob, which was seeking the 36 Dinka tribe members, fired at the shelter- seekers and ransacked the camp.
Kartoum, Sudan: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for calm after the top Dinka tribal chief and an Ethiopian peacekeeper were killed in an "attack" by a Misseriya tribesman in the disputed Abyei region.
It gives Dinka the right to vote along with Sudanese with "permanent abode" in the Abyei area.
Every episode featured Durante singing "Inka Dinka Doo" and ended with him saying "Good night, Mrs.
If the Dinka take this decision - to annex Abyei to the south- there will be an immediate war without any excuse," El Salam told Al Jazeera.
Southern army spokesman Kuol Diem Kuol accused the north of conspiring with Lam Akol to arm the Shilluk attackers and encourage them to take revenge for past Dinka raids.
Through these experiences Nikkel gained unique insight into the spirituality of the rapidly growing Dinka churches.
One might think that an anthropologist who has spent considerable time in the area, has conducted over two hundred interviews with southern Sudanese, and is himself part of the Dinka diaspora would be the ideal guide.
This paper examines the core values of the Dinka tribe of Sudan, focusing on the most prominent aspects of their family life.
Aside from the thousand Dinka killed in the main incident there were also reports of slavery of Dinka women and children in the Kordofan-Bahr al Ghazal borderlands.