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48 DL (b) Dimocarpus Arillus longyan 6 [+ or -] 3 (Euphoria) longan rou Lour.
The tree cover consists of typical rainforest species such as Dimocarpus [=Eu-phorbia] longan, Ceylon mango (Mangifera zeylanica), wild nutmeg (Myristica dactyloides), and Canarium zeylanicum.
Some representatives from this group of compounds, such as cordiachromen and sargaol isolated from Cordia alliodora (Borraginaceae) and Dimocarpus fumatus (Sapindaceae), respectively, have demonstrated potent in vitro antiproliferative activity (Benslimane et al.
It has bumpy, light-mustard-yellow skin instead of the smooth, dark-mustard-brown peel of its relative, Dimocarpus longan--the domesticated fruit.
Barbados cherry, acerola; Malpighiales: Malpighiaceae) and Dimocarpus longan Lour.