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a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers

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So, even though thermodynamics shows that dimers should reform, most never snap back together.
On the mechanism of sizing with alkylketene dimers.
Another study conducted by Casati et al also showed the similar transient increase in D- dimer levels in the immediate postoperative period in surgeries performed on pump, however in contrast to present study, that study measured the D-dimer levels up to 24 hours after surgery18.
We have previously demonstrated that DHZ and the corresponding symmetric dimer (DHZ dimer) protect lipids from autoxidation in combination with common antioxidants [44].
Table 2 shows the relative abundance of monomers to dimers of bovine IgG in formulations A, B and C as determined by SEC-MALS.
The remainder of the paper is spent investigating the properties of the double- dimer ensemble.
Dimers: Researchers have discovered that dimers (soluble two-molecule oligomers) of beta-amyloid protein fragments--but not the insoluble plaque cores in which they become embedded--may initiate the disease process in AD.
Wilson of Georgia State University said, "It is clear that the stacked dimers represent a powerful new motif for specific, strong recognition of mixed base pair DNA sequences.
Suppression of estrogen biosynthesis by procyanidin dimers in red wine and grape seeds.
Dimers of gA can be obtained by introduction of a dioxolane ring between N-formylated termini of two gA molecules.
Such dimers locally distort DNA's base-paired structure, interfering with transcription and replication, and ultimately leading to cell death.
Subunit exchange from native dimers is also slow and appears to be limited by dimer dissociation.
Theorists predict that these silicon pairs, or dimers, should be most reactive when other atoms or molecules catch them midway between a teeter and a totter, when the two silicon atoms are on an even plane.
1983) are made from actin dimers thought to be in an LD-like conformation (Millonig et al.
Both monomers are confirmed by the presence of the respective dimers as well.