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a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers

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Mechanism of carbonyl reduction involves a reversible one electron reduction to form an anion radical, which in absence of proton donors, can diffuse into the solution to dimerise.
This gene codes for one of the family of intracellular retinoid receptor proteins (RAR and RXR, which each have three subtypes, [alpha] , [beta] [gamma]) and which, on binding a retinoid, dimerise and bind to the nuclear DNA causing a change in gene expression.
Those indoxyls, which have substituents in the 2-position, are oxidized to indoleninones that dimerise to give the green photolabile tyriverdin.
Study of the RXR family of receptors is especially important because these receptors dimerise with many other receptors (e.
retinoic acid) they normally dimerise and bind to specific sequences in the nuclear DNA where they cause a change in the transcription of specific genes.