Digitaria sanguinalis

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a European forage grass grown for hay

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4] grass species appeared during the experiment, with most of those in the 1994-1995 summer consisting of Panicum dichotomiflorum and, in the subsequent summers, of Digitaria sanguinalis.
Additionally, the seed stock for Panicum was contaminated by several other grass species (22% of the total number, mostly of the species Digitaria sanguinalis [L.
Chamaesyce maculala, Digitaria sanguinalis, Mollugo verlidllata), some of which flower early {e.
The results of herbicidal activity screening for the three components indicated that component 3 had the strongest herbicidal activity against Digitaria sanguinalis and Arabidopsis thaliana.
Se distingue de la mas tipica Digitaria sanguinalis (L.
Common grasses included Cynodon dactylon, Dactylis glomerata, Digitaria sanguinalis, Eleusine indica, Festuca spp.
glabella, 110 Digitaria longiflora, 95, 111 Digitaria multiflora, 95, (106), 111 Digitaria nuda, 94, 111 Digitaria obtusa, 114 Digitaria pentzii, 104 Digitaria pittieri, 94, 111 Digitaria rhachitricha, 105 Digitaria sacchariflora, 92, 93, 112 Digitaria sanguinalis, 92, 93, 94, 112 Digitaria setigera, 94, 112 Digitaria similis, 92, 93, 113 Digitaria tarapacana, 101 Digitaria velutina, 94, 113 Digitaria venezuelae var.
Digitaria sanguinalis es nativa del Viejo Mundo y ha sido introducida en regiones calidas y templadas de ambos hemisferios (Pohl & Davidse 1994).
2006) reported that Drechslera gigantea, a fungal pathogen isolated from Digitaria sanguinalis produced phytotoxins in liquid and solid cultures which were potential mycoherbicide of grassy weeds.
Os valores de Tb estimados nesse trabalho sao proximos da Tb estimada para seis especies daninhas de culturas de verao dos Estados Unidos--1,3[grados]C para Ambrosia trifida, 8,0[grados]C para Digitaria sanguinalis, 8,5[grados]C Amaranthus retroflexus, 4,5[grados]C Abutilon theophrasti, 2,2[grados]C para Panicum milliaceum e 5,1[grados]C para Eriochloa villosa (GRAMIG & STOLTENBERG, 2007).
Isolation of mesophyll cells and bundle sheath cells from Digitaria sanguinalis (L.