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a photographic method that stores the image digitally for later reproduction

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The regional winners will receive prizes of an exciting activity in the region where they took their digital photograph.
Further, agencies can follow recommendations as to how they can help ensure the admissibility of their digital photographs under the law as it develops in the United States.
The database contains information on how individuals previously tested have self-defined in terms of ethnicity (called the "geopolitical" arm of the database) as well as their digital photographs.
Typed documents or hand-drawn pictures can be reproduced or forged with much less effort than a convincingly altered digital photograph.
This is a 208-page, thoroughly 'user friendly', informed and informative instruction manual for making the most out of digital photographs in terms of taking them, manipulating and managing the images, publishing and sharing those images, and utilizing free downloadable software programs, free online web sites resources, and so much more.
DISPLAY: Pauline Cunningham shows off her digital photographs at the Pathways event (S)
For instances when a scanner is not available, the software can even recognize text on digital photographs (this is difficult for OCR software because picture quality, focus, and orientation effect recognition).
Creating and storing large archives of rich media such as digital photographs, videos, X-rays, MRIs and CAT scans is becoming easier: for example, a digitized medical institution generates approximately 12 terabytes of medical images annually.
DENVER - The operator of the Dish Network satellite cable TV service introduced a portable media player Tuesday that can display TV programs or movies, play music and store digital photographs.
The most prominent work in the exhibition was Migrants & Variants, 2002, sixteen digital photographs grouped into sets of four, which record two of Schaerf's slide installations.
The company, which is based in Guildford, Surrey, specialises in technology enabling members of the public to print and send digital photographs to friends through their home computer or using kiosks in shops.
The company specialises in technology enabling members of the public to print and send digital photographs to friends through their home computer or kiosks in shops.
In the past, consumers expected their handsets to deliver basic digital content, such as SMS messages, email and digital photographs," she said.
At the same time, in contrast to other digital photographs, moblogs restore photography's claim to providing indexical evidence.
For a reading incentive, digital photographs are taken of students with their favorite books and a clever saying, and then put on the cafeteria walls.