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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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Different people want different levels of involvement, and not everyone wants the involvement of a digital cam.
They're also popular: International Data Corporation, a market research company estimates that shipments of digital cam eras will grow from 6.
Due to our long-term outlook for Ampex, based on the potential royalties from licensing its patents for digital still cameras, digital cam recorders, digital versatile disk recorders, and digital camera phones, we have maintained a Strong Buy rating during the downtrend in the stock price.
Two Programme vehicles, 13 Personal Computers, 3 Laptops, Heavy Duty Printer, Server, Digital Sender, Digital CAM, Electronic Spiral Binding Machine, Laser Color Printer, Scanner, 12 LCD Projectors and Screens procured,
All the digital outputs on the PMCprimo Drive can be used as digital cams.