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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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The Canon PC1080F and PC1060 also include other award-winning attributes that enabled Canon PC Copiers to capture 51% (a) of the market for all analog and digital PC Copiers during the year 2000.
The new products are the Intel(R)Pocket Digital PC Camera, the Intel(R) Personal Audio Player 3000 and the Intel(R)Play(TM)Digital Movie Creator.
The new products are the Intel(R) Pocket Digital PC Camera, the Intel(R) Personal Audio Player 3000 and the Intel(R) Play(tm) Digital Movie Creator.
The growth in telecommunications through cell phones, pagers, digital PCS, modems, etc.
Movida Communications uses Sprint's enhanced all digital PCS network, and currently offers its service nationwide, with emphasis on markets with significant Hispanic populations.
As a PCS Affiliate of Sprint, AirGate operates its own local portion of Sprint's nation-wide PCS Network, which is the largest, 100-percent digital PCS Network in the United States.
Microcell also provided digital PCS wireless services to 16,899 wholesale subscribers as at September 30, 2001.