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The relative weight is one of the primary biological characteristics of digestive organs and the metabolic activity of digestive organs is a function of the metabolic activity and size of the organs.
This enhances the development of the digestive organs of the calf.
The company is currently developing the world's first machine with tracking and irradiation functions for moving objects; the system will be capable of real-time tracking and uninterrupted irradiation of a tumor area, which continuously moves in tandem with normal breathing and functioning of the digestive organs.
HIP BATH: It is effective in stimulating the digestive organs.
This survival analysis focused on total cancers and three major categories of cancers: cancers of the digestive organs and peritoneum (ICD-9 codes 150-159), cancers of the respiratory and intrathoracic organs (ICD-9 codes 160-165), and cancers of the genitourinary tract (ICD-9 codes 179-189).
Several individual cancers showed particularly high rates, including cancers of the digestive organs, kidneys, brain and central nervous system and malignant melanoma of the skin.
Under "Diseases of the digestive organs of cattle" there are mentions of bloat, impaction, scours, worms, and sore mouth.
8 cm) were removed and digestive organs were dissected out and diced into small pieces before being embedded in the cryo-supporting medium.
Asheville Maya Abdominal Massage-Arvigo Technique : Century old techniques to address the uterus, prostate, bladder, digestive organs and the emotional body, Aug 1-3.
Donald DeMarco has cited a variety of studies indicating that the married suffer less illness due to coronary diseases and cancer of the digestive organs, among others, and lower rates of neuroses, psychoses, suicide, and overall mortality.
This deficiency leads to the accumulation of GAGs in the lysosomes, the digestive organs of the cell.
The two companies have been jointly developing nutrient agents for absorption by patients via their digestive organs since forming a business alliance in 1990.
hospital, which is attached to Stanford University in California, found the girl would also need a liver transplant, as she lacked portal veins linking her digestive organs and liver.
Leaning forward while eating from a tray on your lap in front of the television can give you stomach cramps and cause poor digestion because the digestive organs will be cramped.
It also improves circulation, massages the digestive organs and elongates the spine and legs.