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Synonyms for diffusion

Synonyms for diffusion

words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

Synonyms for diffusion

(physics) the process in which there is movement of a substance from an area of high concentration of that substance to an area of lower concentration

the spread of social institutions (and myths and skills) from one society to another

the property of being diffused or dispersed

the act of dispersing or diffusing something

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Figure 2a--b plots the effective moisture diffusivity variations in the radial direction in the 9 mm particle at a steam temperature of T = 483 K and T = 463 K, respectively.
There is a trend of increase in the effective diffusivity with the increment of pulp layer thickness and with the increment in temperature.
The functions for the hydraulic conductivity (Eqn 12) and the diffusivity (Eqn 13) are plotted in Fig.
By plotting ln (1 - x) versus (t), the diffusivity (D) can be calculated from the slope, where
5 is based on the assumption that the moisture diffusivity is constant, the banana slices represent infinite slab geometry and the initial moisture distribution is uniform (Demirel and Turhan, 2003; Abano and Sam-Amoah, 2011; Thuwapanichayanan et al.
In the current work this method was used to measure the solubility and diffusivity in polyethylene of water and of 1-octene and cyclohexane at different water activities and low pressure.
Therefore, the main objectives of this study were the followings: (i) to determine the physical properties of cowpea seeds; (ii) investigate the effects of rehydration temperature and microwave output power on the water uptake kinetics of cowpea seeds; (iii) develop the mathematical models representing the time dependence of the moisture content during soaking; (iv) determine the effective moisture diffusivity coefficients; and (v) estimate the activation energy for kinetic constant of the Peleg's Model for cowpea seeds during soaking.
Card's undergraduate research, overseen by Leslie Shor, involved contributions to the development of an optical method that measures diffusivity through hydrogel-filled microfluidic capillaries.
After a month, or about 11 hours of IBMT, both increases in axon density and myelin formation were found as measured by fractional anisotropy, axial diffusivity and radial diffusivity-the important indexes for measuring the integrity of white matter fibers.
T] values very near the wall which have substantial influence on heat transfer rates at a high Prandtl numbers or at low thermal diffusivity (Thakre and Joshi, 2000; Nakaharaj et al.
Independent Materials testing laboratory, Gammadot Rheology, has refurbished its Rapra-developed Thermal Diffusivity apparatus with a view to bringing the measurement service online by the end of the month.
2010, Strain heating as a mechanism for partial melting and ultrahigh temperature metamorphism in convergent orogens: Implications of temperature dependent thermal diffusivity and rheology, J.
This was achieved by determining and comparing the drying rate, effective moisture diffusivity and activation energy values for the various blanching methods and drying temperature.
Diffusivity is a good indicator of the ability to raise the temperature and the ability to transfer heat.