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Synonyms for differential

Synonyms for differential

a quality that differentiates between similar things

Related Words

a bevel gear that permits rotation of two shafts at different speeds

involving or containing one or more derivatives

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Full-locking differentials are an expensive upgrade (around $700 to $1,000 plus labor), yet they are a good investment if you frequently travel remote country and gnarly trails.
Of course, automated differentials cannot completely replace manual differentials; and there are certain situations (failure of the machine to provide a parameter, instrument flags, and other pre-determined laboratory factors) that still require a manual differential.
And while Harty claims ATD could be used to decontent Mitsubishi's and Honda's elaborate AWD systems without harming their performance, some entry-level vehicles would require additional pieces (multi-plate limited-slip differential, steering sensor, infrastructure to support its actuation, the Prodrive ECU) to reach the required baseline.
Roger Tapp confirmed that the habitual dryer problems required four to eight men working for 8-12 hours during scheduled shutdowns to repair leaks resulting from running at such a high differential.
This minimizes the amount of data backed up and therefore reduces the time needed for the "backup window" making it different from differential backup.
1, 1991, large corporate underpayments (generally defined as those in excess of $100,000) have accrued interest at an additional two percentage points, thus resulting in a three percentage point rate differential between the overpayment and the underpayment rates.
If the suit succeeds, USDA will have to adopt new differentials that don't discriminate against Midwest dairy farmers.
In this Decision Resources report, we examine overall price differentials among the world's seven largest pharmaceutical markets (the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Japan) and review the pricing hierarchy in individual markets.
Loose web edges cause heat transfer differentials and thus poor edge bond, tension related warp, and waste.
If the level gets to 1/2 or below, fill the differential to 3/4 with gear oil, NSN 9150-01-035-5393.
Eaton's automotive business also supplies market-leading locking differentials, mirror controls, and transmission control modules for improved performance and fuel economy.
Nuevo Energy Company (NYSE:NEV) today announced that higher crude oil price differentials have been established for approximately 85% of its California crude oil production, or 30,500 barrels per day, which is sold to ConocoPhillips (formerly Tosco) under an existing long-term contract.
Copay differentials between preferred brand products and non-preferred brand products have widened in the IPA HMO market in the past year, indicating an increased emphasis in this market on driving the usage of preferred agents.
Eaton electronically controlled differentials provide an enhanced level of traction on variable terrain and surfaces.
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