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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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Q: Does a differential SCSI host adapter support the ANSI SCSI standard?
Q: Do both single ended and differential SCSI peripherals use the 68 pin connectors and cables?
The L200 library supports eight cartridges, an optional barcode reader and one of the following DLTtape drives: DLT4000 single-ended SCSI or differential SCSI, DLT7000 single-ended or differential, and DLT8000 HVD.
Single Ended SCSI HVD or differential SCSI bus length is 25 meters (81 feet) with up to 16 SCSI Devices.
Spectra Logic's AIT TreeFrog tape libraries are now available in Single-Ended/LVD or High Voltage Differential SCSI models.
In spite of not meeting SCSI specifications, the cable may work for short, single ended, Slow SCSI cables, but it absolutely will not work for LVD or HVD differential SCSI cables.
The MegaRam-500 is a 5-1/4" Solid State Disk system with single-ended or differential SCSI interfaces.
Whereas single ended SCSI devices were less expensive to make, differential SCSI devices could communicate over longer cables and were less susceptible to external noise influences.
SANPiper operates seamlessly with all Overland automated libraries and loaders and provides up to four SCSI connections and up to six independent Fibre Channel ports with support for single-ended and differential SCSI and copper, short- and long-wave Fibre Channel interfaces.
HVD SCSI was called just differential SCSI for many years.
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