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the univalent hydrocarbon radical C2H5 derived from ethane by the removal of one hydrogen atom

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Figure 5 shows the real-time gas-sensing curves of the ZnO nanostructures-based sensor to diethyl ether, methylbenzene, and ethanol.
On the other hand, carbohydrates and proteins test showed the presence methanol, ethanol, and acetone, whereas not found in chloroform and diethyl ether.
Effect of biodiesel and its blend with diethyl either on the combustion, performance and emissions from a diesel engine, Elsevier fuel, 106: 106-110.
In 2012 there were crop reduction-related increases in 1-hexanol, ethyl caprylate, ethyl caproate, 2-phenethyl acetate, isoamyl acetate, ethyl acetate and benzaldehyde, while reductions also occurred in diethyl acetal and diethyl succinate.
The yield of oily contents with respect to the dried weight of powdered algae was determined using different solvents like n-heptane, n-hexane, diethyl ether, dichloromethane and n-hexane: diethyl ether (1:1).
We evaluated salicylanilide diethyl phosphates 1 also against these four mycobacterial persistence-related enzymes as a pilot screening.
Diethyl ether (2 x 20 [cm.sup.3]) was used to slurry the yellow residue and was also removed under reduced pressure to ensure complete removal of THF.
Then analytical methods are described for such material as vapor and aerosol bitumen, diethyl sulfate, ethylene oxide, and solvent mixtures.
Candidate solvents include waste cooking oil, vegetable (soy) oil, diesel oil, paraffin, 1-octadecene, biodiesel, dibenzyl sebacate, dibutyl phthalate, tetraethylene glycol, and diethyl sebacate.
In addition, to obtain the fractions (water, methanol and diethyl ether), a column 31cm high and 4.5cm in diameter was packed with 100g of the synthetic resin Diaion HP-20 (Mitsubishi Chemical Industry Ltd., Tokyo, Japan).
The ratings reflect the company's high gearing, weak liquidity, and exposure to intense competition in the diethyl phthalate chemical industry.
Selection of Spectral Region for Calibration Figure 3a shows an example of the infrared spectra obtained for the calibration solutions set for the system acetone-diethyl ether-water in the concentration range: 1% acetone, 6.2% diethyl ether, 92.8% water to 30% acetone, 10.9% diethyl ether, 59.1% water.
The flavor compounds of freshly-squeezed Pontianak orange juice were extracted using headspace solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) and solvent extraction methods with diethyl ether.
Walt and his team adapted their array system to become a chemical "switch" in response to the nerve-agent analog diethyl chlorophosphate (DCP).
Replacement of diethyl ether by toluene significantly accelerates the reaction with alkoxysilanes, while no effect was found for the reaction with chlorosilanes [4-6].