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the univalent hydrocarbon radical C2H5 derived from ethane by the removal of one hydrogen atom

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On the other hand, carbohydrates and proteins test showed the presence methanol, ethanol, and acetone, whereas not found in chloroform and diethyl ether.
Effect of biodiesel and its blend with diethyl either on the combustion, performance and emissions from a diesel engine, Elsevier fuel, 106: 106-110.
In 2012 there were crop reduction-related increases in 1-hexanol, ethyl caprylate, ethyl caproate, 2-phenethyl acetate, isoamyl acetate, ethyl acetate and benzaldehyde, while reductions also occurred in diethyl acetal and diethyl succinate.
The yield of oily contents with respect to the dried weight of powdered algae was determined using different solvents like n-heptane, n-hexane, diethyl ether, dichloromethane and n-hexane: diethyl ether (1:1).
14% (diethyl ether); 100ml of dissolution were prepared for each fraction, through weighting the specific amount of the freeze-dried fraction and dissolving it in its respective solvent (water, methanol or diethyl ether).
Here we report the results for the reactions of tetraethoxysilane with n-butylmagnesium chloride solvated with dibutyl ether, diethyl ether, and THF, and with isopropylmagnesium chloride in the presence of diethyl ether, and also for the reaction of isopropyltriethoxysilane with n-butylmagnesium chloride solvated with diethyl ether.
Besides, diethyl ether, n-hexane and dimethyl ketone are volatile at room temperature already.
If diethyl ether is used the solution will turn a faint yellow colour.
The email, which I believe has been doing the rounds, states that users might be being exposed to toxic chemicals like diethyl hydroxyl amine (DEHA) if re-using the PET plastic bottles in certain circumstances, especially in common cases such as leaving your drink bottle exposed to sunlight in the car.
Eight lichens were extracted successively with n-hexane, diethyl ether and methanol using a Soxhlet process.
Beginning with investigations into the use of Diethyl Zinc (DEZ), and moving onto the commercially produced Wei T'o and Book-Keeper products, mass deacidification has become increasingly more reliable and effective as well as less reactive with printing and drawing inks.
A new study out of Harvard Medical School suggests that diethyl phthalate (DEP)--a chemical commonly used in fragrances and other grooming products--is damaging to the DNA of sperm in adult men at current levels of exposure.
Analysis of extracts produced using refluxing diethyl ether in a Soxhlet apparatus (100 per replicate; N=3) was conducted by single ion monitoring GC/MS (SIM GCMS, m/z = 198 e.
A ministry investigative panel on endocrine disrupters decided in a meeting Wednesday to include in the list butyl benzyl phthalate, diethyl phthalate and diethylhexyl adipate, substances used for plastics, and triphenyl tin, used to paint the hulls of ships, the officials said.
0 M solution in dichloromethane), diethyl chlorophosphate, diphenyl chlorophosphate, triphenyl phosphate, and polystyrene (average [M.