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a person who diets

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Diether, Lee, and Werner (2009) and Boehmer, Jones, and Zhang (2008) control for Size as market capitalization influences the short selling of stocks.
Diether, Lee, and Werner found that the typical short seller is a contrarian who increases trading following positive returns and decreases selling Following negative returns.
de Gruyter, 1980) 359-76, at 360-64; and Diether Hoffmann-Axthelm, "Loisys L'Evangile et l'Eglise: Besichtigung eines zeitgenossischen Schlachtfeldes," Zeitschrifi fur Theologie und Kirche 65 (1968) 291-328, at 296-309; Harvey Hill, "La science catholique: Alfred Loisy's Program of Historical Theology," Zeitschrift fur neuere Theologiegeschichte/Journal for the History of Modern Theology 3 (1996) 39-59, and The Politics of Modernism: Alfred Loisy and the Scientific Study of Religion (Washington: Catholic University of America, 2002) 117-32.
During the June press conference, DSD Financial Director Diether Buchmann said the average cost for the Green Dot trademark would drop by 5 percent when a new price list is introduced Jan.
In addition, e-training affords flexible pacing, which is ideal for instruction aimed at both new and experienced workers" (Loos & Diether, 2001, pp.
(48.) See Hans Diether Reimer, "Sects," Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 1991), 913-14.
(60) Vease Diether Senghaas, Armamento y militarismo, Siglo xx, 1974, 328 pp.
We expect distortions of distributions of analysts' forecast errors that potentially compromise interpretations of statistical tests of how analysts perform relative to each other and relative to mechanical forecasting techniques (Diether et al.
Harald Schennach, [1] Christian Murr, [4] Clara Larcher, [5,6] Werner Streif, [2] Erika Pastner, [3] Daniela Zaknun, [7] Diether Schonitzer, [1] and Dietmar Fuchs [4,6] *
Diether Gebert is Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Technical University of Berlin.
"A Sure Thing," director, Peter Thorwarth; cast, Oliver Korritke, Diether Krebs, Martin Semmelrogge.
"Inhibition of angiogenesis by thalidomide has never been demonstrated to occur in the embryo," counters Diether Neubert of the Free University Berlin in Germany.
John Diether is a scriptwriter and producer at NIOSH.