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German engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913)

an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil

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Paris has already announced its plan to ban diesel cars by 2024 and other petrol-fueled cars by 2030 in the city's street.
Nearly two thirds of the diesel school buses in use today were produced between 1990 and 2002, while close to a third are from before 1990.
EXTENDED MAIN COMPONENTS LIFE--Our experience with a large number of electric-driven material handlers is that the main pumps have a much longer life than when driven by a diesel engine.
Hoselton, an auto-industry analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets/McDonald, said domestic manufacturers are well versed in diesel technology, and he also expects those engines to be the most popular of the alternative power trains.
If you're interested in an even more powerful diesel engine, Volkswagen's Touareg is worth attention.
They offer a range of alternative fuels such as E-85 and bio-diesel blends, which combine conventional diesel with percentages of pure vegetable oils.
These results certainly reinforce the need for additional reference materials and especially for materials from newer diesel engines as the engine design, fuel, and exhaust technology change.
He says bio-diesel is compatible to run in any diesel engine, and can be used in any mix with petrol diesel; it is also compatible with kerosene.
The diesel gases in the Japanese study targeted the moms' ovaries, altering their structure and hormone production, notes Frederick S.
So the health effects of exposure to diesel fumes, while significant, don't stack up against other, more significant risks.
However, state and local governments and farm users, whild entitled to the benefit of the tax exemption, are not permitted to file their own refund claims with the IRS for the tax included in the price of undyed diesel fuel.
With the marine diesel engine industry becoming more and more mature in the world, South Korea, Japan and China have been coming to the fore.
The initiative targets sources of diesel pollution bombarding the West Coast, from long-haul trucks to cargo ships pulling into port, not to mention locomotives, farm equipment and earth-moving construction equipment.