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(Roman mythology) a princess of Tyre who was the founder and queen of Carthage

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Known as the biggest female artist in the English music world with some of the bestselling albums in the UK music history to her name, Dido's two decades career is characterised by her distinctive voice, musical repertoire and a talent for turning any song into a blockbuster hit.
Dido, will treat her fans to some of her iconic hits stage from two decades, including the chartbuster 'Thank You' (featured by Eminem in his 'STAN'), 'Life for Rent', 'No Angel', 'Here with Me' and the global hit 'White Flag'.
Suffering terrible stage fright at the height of her fame, Dido, now 47, could afford to shun the limelight to nurse her ailing father.
The quality of Dido's lyrics have always been as important as her voice - specific enough that we sense her heartbreak but ambiguous enough that we find something familiar to cling on to.
After that was Safe Trip Home, a mature and thoughtful collection Dido - revisiting the sounds that defined her of songs written for her father, who died in 2006 from the autoimmune disease, lupus.
English singer-songwriter Dido will play Dublin's 3Arena on December 1.
"Dido and Aeneas" is also a journey through Purcell's original work and through contemporaneity and the intercultural dialogue.
"Dido and Aeneas" tells the tale of the legendary Queen of Carthage, Dido, and the Trojan refugee prince, Aeneas.
Aeneas and Dido is also musically more abrasive than the other two pieces though still largely tonal and quite accessible.
Dido's character displays extreme emotional oscillation and she is shown to be capable of moving from being generous and loving the one moment to 'raving' and furious the next.
Oliver Ashford (James Norton), the handsome offspring of Lord and Lady Ashford (Alex Jennings, Miranda Richardson), is enamoured with Dido. However, her head is turned by idealistic lawyer John Davinier (Sam Reid).
He permits Dido to stay, allowing his great-niece to become a constant companion to her cousin, Elizabeth (Cara Jenkins).