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a dicotyledonous genus of the family Rutaceae

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Hu, "Chemical constituents of plants from the genus Dictamnus," Chemistry and Biodiversity, vol.
The following herbs were used in three studies: Sophora flavescens root, Cnidium monnieri seed, Dictamnus dasycarpus bark and borneol.
In Rutaceae, a group of genera (Cusparieae, Galipeae) has a monosymmetric androecium by reduction of stamens to staminodes on one side (Eichler, 1878; Engler, 1931; Kallunki & Pirani, 1998; Mabberley, 2000; Pirani & Kallunki, 2007; Groppo et al., 2008); Calodendrum and Dictamnus have sigmoidally curved pollination organs (Engler, 1931), and Cneoridium and Empleuridium are monosymmetric by reduction (Engler, 1931).
Effects of population size on genetic diversity and seed production in the rare Dictamnus albus (Rutaceae) in central Germany.
Dictamnus (Gas Plant), Globe Thistle and Baptisia will grow and flower year after year.
argentea, Ebenus cretica, Galium fruticosum, Origanum dictamnus, Petromarula pinnata, Scutellaria sieberi, Staehelina petiolata.
"Two products appear to be implicated frequently: Jin Bu Huan was taken by 11 patients, and Dictamnus dasycarpus was taken by six patients, including both severe cases.
SOW seeds of the burning bush, Dictamnus albus, oriental poppy, geum and viola in pots or trays under glass.
A spokeswoman for the Royal Horticultural Society said she had never heard of anything like this happening before, but that the plant - dictamnus albus - does secrete an aromatic oil on a hot day which could be set alight by natural heat.
INCI name: angelic sinensis (and) cnidium monnieri (and) coptis chinesis (and) dictamnus dasycarpus (and) evodia rutaecarpa (and) phellodendron chinensis (and) scutellaria haicalensis (and) sophora fiavescens
Good aromatic foliage perennials include Dictamnus, some of the geraniums, marjoram, mint, Monarda, nepeta, oregano and Tanacetum.
I've bought a plant of the 'Burning Bush', Dictamnus alba, to plant out in a new semi-shaded area.
To avoid confusion I should mention the gas plant (Dictamnus albus) which is also known as Dittany or False Dittany.