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(2009) the coding sequences of citrate transporters for monocotyledons (SbMATE and HvMATE) and for dicotyledons (AtFRD3 and AtMATE) are highly conserved at the amino acid sequence level.
Salient lines of structural specialization in the wood rays of dicotyledons. Botanical Gazette 96: 547-557.
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In NG Walsh and TJ Entwisle (Eds), Flora of Victoria, 3, Dicotyledons Winteraceae to Myrtaceae.
In Togo more than six hundred species of horticultural plants were identified belonging to approximately 59% of Dicotyledons (49 families 145 genera and 315 species) and 37.37% were monocotyledons.
Heagle's 1989 paper summarizes these studies, showing some plants (e.g., soybean, cotton, and peanut, which are dicotyledons, or plants with broad leaves) are more sensitive to yield loss caused by [O.sub.3] than other species (e.g., sorghum, field corn, and winter wheat, which are monocotyledons, or plants with narrow leaves, such as grasses).
Plants in soils aerobic conditions have two strategy-oriented for access to the iron compounds: first siderophore secretion (non-protein amino acid) (This strategy is found in Gramineae family); and second separation iron of soil chelate or restore trivalent iron ([Fe.sup.3+]) to bivalent that occurs through the proton leakage (This strategy can be found in other monocotyledon and dicotyledons plants) [25].
The non-taxonomic group of taxa with phytotelmata is represented by members of at least 29 plant families (Fish 1983), mostly monocotyledons, but some dicotyledons can form treeholes.
The taxonomic treatments cover pteridophytes and gymnosperms, dicotyledons, and monocotyledons.