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Dicotyledonae (Dicot): Has two cotyledons and reticulate leaf venation, such as a bean plant.
TABLE 6-1 CLASSIFICATION OF A DELICIOUS APPLE PLANT USING HORTUS THIRD MAJOR TAXA Kingdom Plant Division (Phylum) Tracheophyta Class Angiospermae Subclass Dicotyledonae Order Rosales Family Rosaceae (same family as rose or strawberry) MINOR TAXA Genus Malus Species pumila (domestica) Cultivar (variety) Delicious
Part 2, "Taxonomic Treatment", begins with a general key to the vascular plants of the state, followed by Chapter 1, "Pteridophytes", Chapter 2, "Gymnosperms", Chapter 3, "Dicotyledonae", and Chapter 4, "Monocotyledonae".