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United States poet noted for her mystical and unrhymed poems (1830-1886)

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Manchester Crown Court heard how Dickinson had previously served time behind bars for similar offences but had engaged in a rigorous drug rehabilitation programme.
Pete Dickinson: I like to spend a lot of time with my family, and we do a lot of hunting and fishing.
Campaigning at cruiserweight during his own career, Newcastle's Dickinson won Prizefighter as well as a British title outright.
KEYWORDS: Emily Dickinson, Blandness, Agedness, Oblivion, Daoism and Chan Buddhism, Ralph Waldo Emerson, a transcultural perspective
Dickinson, of Glenrothes, denies engaging in sexual activity with the child in San Antonio last June 13.
Through a close partnership, Dickinson guided MOD Pizza through the selection and implementation of the cloud ERP system.
Jonathan has worked in the profession for over 29 years, joining what was Dickinson Dees upon qualification in 1989 -- a decision to this day he still classes as one of his best due to the nature of the firm and the direction in which it was heading.
21 June 2018 - Indiana, US-based fleet maintenance and management company Dickinson Fleet Services has acquired Illinois, US-based vehicle maintenance and repair solutions company Outsource Fleet Services Dickinson Fleet Services, in conjunction with majority shareholders Ridgemont Equity Partners, the company said.
Target: Outsource Fleet Services Dickinson Fleet Services
Lynsey Dickinson travelled from her home in Sunderland to Exeter Prison, London's Appeal Court heard.
"BIOGRAPHY FIRST CONVINCES US of the fleeing of the Biographied," Emily Dickinson once observed.
Brian Dickinson was roughly 1,000 feet from the top of the world when he almost turned around.
Dickinson's most famous "frog" appears in her poem "I'm Nobody!
ABA champion Alex Dickinson is now best of British, after adding an international gold medal to his national crown in Scotland at the weekend.