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a word used in exclamations of confusion


English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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Anton Lesser played Fagin in the star-studded cast of BBC flop Dickensian
Yet the average child worker is not a Dickensian tot toiling in a sweatshop but a child working alongside a parent on a farm or in the underground economy to help feed, shelter and clothe the family.
Well known for his diverse choreographic styles and his respect for the classics, Welch (who is also Houston Ballet's artistic director) reinterprets the Russian fairy tale about a mythical bird who darts through the enchanted mists, setting it in Dickensian London, with costumes by Holly Hynes and a black-box set by Welch.
Traditional and digital animation techniques are cannily combined to create a fantastic universe of machinery gone big, elaborate and quite mad, made credible with Dickensian grit, persuasive elements (water, ice, steam of course, etc.
But it will not make agencies and companies change their present Dickensian and antiquated attitudes to age.
A further economic boom brought on by the advent of World War I saw yet more expansion, a big increase in the number of factories in the southern part of the city and a mass influx of migrant laborers searching for a pot of gold in the Dickensian slums.
Poe's text, to which literary critics attribute Dickensian ambitions, moors the mystery of the city in its dynamism and anonymity.
We have little insight on what makes the nuns--brutal authoritarians of a Dickensian stripe--tick.
His Dickensian view of life drove him to paint the world as he would like it to be--no drunken fathers or self-centered mothers, only kindly doctors, duty-bound soldiers, and regular folks at their daily occupations.
WINDSOR -- An echo of Dickensian England is being heard in the Ontario Courts.
Between them loom slag heaps from the mines, Dickensian mounds which still contain enough gold to be commercially extracted after the mines are exhausted.
But Silko adopts a Dickensian sensibility and allows Indigo to escape the clutches of the villainous superintendent by cunning and serendipity.
To be sure the Dickensian stereotypes have shown remarkable longevity, but the study of convict society, and in particular our understanding of the female experience, has come along way in the last ten years.
Secretaries taking dictation from their bosses and typing draft after draft are as foreign to most of today's offices as a Dickensian clerk sitting on a stool copying figures into a book all day.