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a tranquilizer (trade name Valium) used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles


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David Gordon, prosecuting, told a trial that text messages between the pair discussing Poppy having a "blue Smartie" - a reference to the sedative diazapam - and going to sleep showed that Pyke viewed Poppy as an "inconvenience, who she felt was in the way with regards her relationship".
Another said he had been taking the anti-depressant drug diazapam for 40 years.
Wood was arrested three days later and said he had no recollection of the incident because he had taken over 20 Diazapam tranquilliser tablets, the court was told.
Duffin, a married father of two, later admitted to the police that he had become hooked on painkillers, including diamorphine and diazapam, for up to five years after suffering depression.
A controlled comparison of cognitive behavior therapy, diazapam and placebo in the management of generalized anxiety.
Briefly, animals were anaesthetized with hypnorm and diazapam, and a midline incision made (day 0).
Rectal gel diazapam is approved for use by the FDA in acute repetitive seizures, although many clinicians will instruct parents to administer the medication for prolonged seizures as well.
Pleaded guilty to possessing scissors in public on July 27 and possessing diazapam on October 10.
The main items intercepted were Xanax, Diazapam and Loarazapam - anti-anxiety benzodiazepines which are known to be highly addictive.
If diazapam had been available at an early stage of the seizure it would have resulted in a relaxation of the patient with a gradual return to consciousness.