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Synonyms for Diana

English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles

(Roman mythology) virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon

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"I never heard of but one kind," said Diana doubtfully.
"Well, I don't mind doing that," agreed Diana, relieved.
I solemnly swear to be faithful to my bosom friend, Diana Barry, as long as the sun and moon shall endure.
Diana repeated the "oath" with a laugh fore and aft.
When Marilla and Anne went home Diana went with them as for as the log bridge.
Harmon says worry you," said Diana, with the calm assurance of the four-years matron.
Diana's airs of vast experience always amused her a little.
"Is it settled yet where you are going to live?" asked Diana, cuddling Small Anne Cordelia with the inimitable gesture of motherhood which always sent through Anne's heart, filled with sweet, unuttered dreams and hopes, a thrill that was half pure pleasure and half a strange, ethereal pain.
for them," said Diana. "We should never have got the line if they hadn't taken the matter up and carried it through.
"That's the worst of it," sighed Diana. "It's so annoying to hear the receivers going down whenever you ring anyone up.
"Don't!" said Diana. "You make me feel as if we were old women with everything in life behind us."
"You don't mind calling in at Elisha Wright's for a moment, do you?" asked Diana. "Mother asked me to leave this little dish of jelly for Aunt Atossa."
"You'll probably see what she's like before we can get away," said Diana significantly.
"Oh, so you're Anne Shirley?" she said, when Diana introduced Anne.
Round the roadway between the entrances of Diana's Grove and Lesser Hill were many trees, with not much foliage except at the top.