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a narcotic that is considered a hard drug

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She died after five days on continuous diamorphine.
Bridget Reeves, whose gran died, added: "These horrifying, unforgivable actions need to be disclosed in a criminal court for a jury to decide and only then can we put our loved ones to rest." Clifford Houghton, 72, died after being given diamorphine. His stepdaughter Pamela Byrne said: "I think people were inconvenient.
Invitation to offer the supply of Co-Amoxiclav and Diamorphine Injection
Keywords: Intrathecal diamorphine opioid overdose toxicity respiratory depression.
However, he had not injected Mr Williams with an ampoule of his prescription diamorphine between his finger and thumb, he told the jury.
Mum-of-three Charlene Wilson, who appeared in the first two episodes of Benefits Street, has been charged with conspiracy to supply Class A and Class B drugs and possession of diamorphine.
Anthony Kelly, 20, of Eldon Place, L3, charged with breach ASBO, fail to surrender to custody, possession of cocaine, possession of cannabis, possession of diamorphine - community order with four week electronic curfew from 8pm to 7am, 80 hours unpaid work.
Under Patient Group Directions, they will be able to supply or administer morphine and diamorphine for urgent treatment of very ill or critically injured patients.
He told the Telegraph the apology was "too little, too late" and added he wants more answers on the use of diamorphine.
This online reporting tool will allow accountable officers to report any concerns over the dispensary and return of drugs like morphine, diamorphine, tranquillisers, sleeping tablets, anabolic steroids and growth hormones.
An investigation found "serious failings" at every level on the handling of diamorphine - the drug which killed 70-year-old David Gray.
David Gray died after he was given more than ten times the recommended daily dose of diamorphine, according to his family's lawyers.
Mr Gray, who was 70 and lived in Cambridgeshire, was visited by German oncall doctor Daniel Ubani, who gave him an injection of 100 mg of diamorphine, ten times the maximum dose of 10 mg usually recommended.
Three boxes containing ampules of diamorphine were lost or stolen in the area around Dundonald Avenue and Water Street at on Christmas Eve.
Angela Watson, 51, now of Sacriston, who was forced to leave her Consett home under a police clampdown on crackhouses, admitted the offence of possessing diamorphine with intent to supply.