differential diagnosis

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a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e

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It also addresses specific diseases, pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, preoperative concerns, medical management, prognosis, anesthesia, surgical anatomy, wound healing, postoperative issues, potential complications, and special age considerations, as well as general principles related to surgical asepsis, sterile technique (with new material on scrubless and waterless surgeon and patient prep solutions), instrumentation and facilities, biomaterials, suturing, homeostasis, preoperative care, antibiotic use and infections, postoperative care (including nutrition), physical rehabilitation, and multimodal analgesic therapy (expanded for this edition).
In all it covers thirty four cases and the authors have provided beautiful pictures of each case with diagnosis, differential diagnosis, likely investigations and management of these conditions have all have been discussed in detail.
Diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management of DF and DHF cases have been extensively described.
Each case provides concise descriptions of the presenting signs, radiologic findings, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
Each case presented uses essentially the same format: clinical presentation, radiologic findings, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and a discussion that includes the applicability of imaging modalities and possible imaging findings.