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a lateen-rigged sailing vessel used by Arabs

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Firemen are investigating the cause of a fierce dhow blaze that sent plumes of black smoke into the sky over Dubai yesterday.
At least three to four explosions were reportedly heard as gas cylinders aboard the dhows were believed to have exploded.
The unrest was a huge contributor to the reason why many fishermen decided to relocate their dhows away from the harbour's jetty," he said.
Goddard, founder of Exeter's Maritime Museum, collected many dhows from the 1960s, including a Pearling dhow presented by the ruler of Bahrain, Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, and a 120-ton 2-masted trading dhow given by the Kuwait government.
The owners and crew of these dhows are fully aware of the risks and dangers of operating so close to the Somali coast, but they continue to do so probably for commercial considerations.
For many centuries, boats that sailed on the Indian Ocean were called dhows.
Three Americans were killed and three injured after a dhow blew up as they boarded it at Al Bakra terminal, seven miles off southern Iraq.
It compares information given firsthand with the literature already written on the dhow and on Arab seafaring in the past 70 years, much of which was simply technical.
When registration closed on Tuesday evening, a total of 120 dhows had registered for the 27th edition of this event that has a total prize fund of Dh10 million.
A huge fire erupted in a dhow anchored in Dubai Creek near the Al Maktoum Bridge on Monday afternoon.
Bahrain: A Bahraini dhow owner has sued the US Navy for more than BD50,000 claiming a collision at sea left his boat damaged and his employees without work.
Dhows are captured by pirates for use as a 'mother ship', enabling them to sail far out to sea to attack passing merchant ships.
DOHA A RESEARCH centre aimed at preserving the age-old legacy of dhows (traditional sailing vessels) will be established at Katara Cultural Village, Katara General Director of Culture Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti has said.
110 sailing dhows, sailing boats and more than 1500 sailors started competing at the Abu Dhabi 43ft Dhow Sailing Race which started on Saturday.
A view of the berthed dhows and visitors at Katara beach