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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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Dewpoint experts help organizations tackle complex IT solutions to secure and best utilize critical data, increase efficiency and manage costs.
Dewpoint is a Sun Microsystems(TM) Partner Advantage(TM) Executive member and one of the largest independent information technology integrators in the Midwest.
The combined expertise of the two companies expands the cross-selling opportunities for Dewpoint and brings five new practice areas to its client offerings, including:
When the system initiates a cycle it pulls air from the dehumidifier, which can normally bring dewpoints to 30[degrees] F below ambient.
Units utilize dual dessicant beds, dewpoint - controlled bed switching and closed - loop cooldown, allowing for continuous low dewpoints operation.
Joining forces with Dewpoint enhances our capability to provide customers with even greater information technology solutions to address their specific business requirements.
I will continue to build on Dewpoint successes across a range of industries," said Marc West, vice president of marketing and business development.
Dehumidifying desiccant dryers with microprocessor controller feature dewpoints of -40F; electronic temperature control; process-air filter with cyclone and cartridge; cycle rates of 8, 12, and 16/hr; no moving parts except two four-way valves and the blowers; hopper clean-out door and large sightglass; 20 through 4000 cfm size range with hopper capacities to 25,000 lb; direct-drive fans; location of desiccant inside towers and heaters outside in separate boxes; and drawer-type process-air heaters mounted externally.
Initial members of the VeriSign Unified Authentication channel program include technology partners, as well as resellers and systems integrators including: Aventail, Citrix, Dewpoint, Fiberlink, IBM, RBTi, Secure Data Solutions, Set Solutions, and Venafi, with additional partners to be announced in the coming months.
This ensures maximum effectiveness with virtually any dewpoint or degree of drying being achievable.
First, I'll assume you are following the resin maker's drying recommendation for dewpoint, temperature, and air flow, and that your dryer is properly maintained--no air leaks or clogged filters.
a leading provider of IT services in the mid-west, signed an alliance agreement which will enable Dewpoint to provide systems integration and consulting services to implement and integrate custom Zaplet 3 solutions.
a leading architect and developer of e-business systems, and Dewpoint, Inc.
We have some new features such as Advanced Service Warning, Advanced Fan Control which allows the fan to run at 50% speed saving energy and helping to keep a constant dewpoint.
Each dryer has a standalone air circuit and is controlled by a dewpoint meter.