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from 405 million to 345 million years ago

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The oldest rocks in the CV are low-grade metamorphic rocks of Upper Devonian age overlied by lower Carboniferous volcanic rocks with scarce sedimentary layers and upper Carboniferous clastic marine sediments.
However, careful analysis of the fossil data indicates a Late Silurian (Pridolian) age for the fauna, and shows that the evidence used to assign a Devonian age should have been regarded as provisional.
The proposed Wade Hill-1 well will target Devonian age formations and resembles the Gilmore gas field.
In the Ohio Range, located south of the Pensacola Mountains, typical Malvinokaffric faunas of Devonian age are similar to the South American faunas.
It is planned to tag the Late Devonian age basement at TD of around 1350 mRT.
Ostracodes from both the Hersey and the Eastport formations of coastal Maine are indicative of an Early Devonian age (Berdan 1971).
Following the discovery made in the Upper Devonian section of the Poti Formation, announced on November 17, 2010, the drilling of the well OGX-22 continued and a new accumulation of gas in the Lower Devonian age of the Cabe[?
If we apply the general Middle Devonian age of these longer-ranging species to the Rezekne RS, we shall get a reverse age determination: the longer-ranging species determine the age of an earlier unit.
The property lies along the margin of a north-south trending carbonate window where Devonian age limestone of the Denay and Devils Gate Formations is exposed through the Roberts Mountains Thrust.
Similar Devonian age limestone is a favorable host for sediment-hosted gold systems elsewhere on the Battle Mountain -Eureka Trend.
There are some more indications of the secondary magnetizations of Early Devonian age from the igneous rocks of Kalak Nappe Complex, northern Norway (Torsvik et al.
Oil production in the region comes from marine limestones of the Devonian age.
It is believed that the well did not reach Devonian age rock as perceived by the geological field survey of the cuttings during drilling of the well.
Primary oil targets will include the Mission Canyon & McGowan formations at 5000 - 8000 feet; the Devonian Age Baaken & Nisku formations at 7000 - 9000 feet.