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small manta (to 4 feet) that travels in schools

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Manta and devil rays are exceptionally vulnerable to overexploitation, usually having just one pup every few years," explained Ian Campbell from WWF , who served on the delegation of Fiji.
Lopez threw two strikes, then allowed the count to go full before serving up an obese pitch that Pena hit deep into the seats to give the Devil Rays a 6-5 lead.
The Angels didn't muster a lot of offense against Devil Rays rookie starter Jason Hammel, but they did get to him for a run in the bottom of the first inning.
To be honest, I was a little surprised to get the award,' said Royster, one of 50 Devil Ray prospects participating in the organization's instructional league in Tampa Bay.
Although the ruling was a home run for the Devil Rays, it highlights the narrow exception for deferral of advance revenue for specific services to be provided at a specified future time.
Wade Boggs had three hits and an RBI for the Devil Rays, who have lost three straight and nine of their last 11 games.
About Tampa Bay Devil Rays: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have proudly represented Major League Baseball in the Tampa Bay region since 1998.
Upton got Escobar napping and stole home on a straight steal and the Devil Rays regained the lead 4-3.
All five Devil Rays runs off Lester were the result of home runs, and both by left-handed batters.
We had a great visit and the entire experience was very moving," said Devil Rays Vice President of Hispanic Community Outreach and Military Affairs Jose Tavarez, who accompanied the players and coaches.
Mike McCormick has signed a professional contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and the Marist graduate will report on Friday to the Princeton Devil Rays, a Class A affiliate in the Appalachian League.
and Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Devil Rays have announced a multi-year agreement that includes sponsorship opportunities for PAETEC and telecommunications solutions for the Devil Rays.
ANAHEIM - Before Monday's game, Tampa Bay Devil Rays manager and former Angels bench coach Joe Maddon, had sworn he had won a game at Angel Stadium in his two-year tenure when he was informed, he hadn't.
Add something to that list now, though - Tim Wakefield will beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
Naimoli -- announced today that he has relinquished his position as managing general partner of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and has transitioned to that of chairman.