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Synonyms for Devil

the Devil


Synonyms for Devil

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

one who causes minor trouble or damage

Synonyms for Devil

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HVCP is helping the Tasmanian Government with its ongoing plan to secure the future of the devil by donating all funds raised to the Wildcare Devil Fund, which will then be used to purchase much need virtual fencings, helping to reduce the incidence of roadkill.
But a devil can't tell another devil's cells from its own.
Captive insurance populations of devils exist in interstate zoos and on mainland Tasmania, but the devils on Maria Island will be the first to be released into the wild.
About 70 percent of the wild Tasmanian devil population has disappeared as a result of the disease.
The Devil Rays players and coaches were caring and compassionate to all the patients they visited.
During this age as well the cosmological battle is waged but remains essentially undecided, for victories over the devil are restricted to literary saints' triumphs over their opponents.
In 1967 the Red Devils left Vietnam and were redesignated Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232.
Similar attempts by Religious Right activists to rid public schools of devil mascots elsewhere have failed.
The new literature on the devil seems more appropriately an obituary of this "bad angel.
This argument clearly outlines the play's themes of power, exclusion, and conflict, and the action follows this outline, with various Us's recalling failed efforts to "get up the hill" and resolving to try a new, more violent tactic involving the sacrifice of a White Devil.
The struggle between the "calling" of the blues and the calling of gospel is frequently understood as the struggle for the souls of individuals; gospel artists get filled with the Holy Spirit in church, while blues artists make deals with the devil at desolate crossroads.
The 21-year-old drifter also admitted killing Imelda's three-year-old son Liam and Father Joe Walsh - because the Devil ordered him to.
The sentence suggested that those who didn't toe the line would "truly have the devil to pay .
In the Bible and Apocrypha, the Devil is variously referred to as Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Samael, and, according to the Church Fathers, as Lucifer.