Deutsche Mark

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formerly the basic unit of money in Germany

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By withdrawing the Deutsche Mark, the KM undertook exchange rate of DEM to euro - one convertible mark against 0.51129 euro, i.e., one euro to 1.95583 KM.
These people have Deutsche Marks and they have collateral and they have low debts.
In 1996, to gain legal title to the building, the government paid the then-market price of 20 million Deutsche Mark, equivalent to $14 million, that my mother shared with her siblings.
But sometimes we saw a general strengthening of the deutsche mark against virtually all currencies, including others in Europe.
When I was a currency-focused researcher, there appeared to be two main drivers of the $/DM (Deutsche Mark) exchange rate.
At least, I still had 6,000 deutsche mark and the factory halls," remembered Otto.
Abdul Qader had a working capital of half a million Deutsche mark (approximately Dh300,000).
The Swiss decision on Tuesday to peg its currency to the euro should serve as a warning for those who would like to see the return of the deutsche mark: No country can escape the dynamics of the tightly intertwined global market.
In other words, there is a financial tsunami threatening to crush the value of the dollar and the euro, down to that of the Deutsche Mark between the two world wars, when a thief stole a woman's purse only to dump the Marks inside, fleeing with the purse.
Musaad Al-Haroun to partake Thursday at the annual meeting for Historical Arab-Islamic Institute of Science at Frankfurt University on the ocassion of 30th Anniversary of its foundation in 1982.His Highness the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah was one of the first contributors to the institute with a 5.7 million Deutsche Mark (5.3 million euros) which helped with the buying of the institute headquarters.Ambassador Al-Haroun is scheduled to tour the different faculties of the institute and participate in the annual meeting of Board of Trustees.Historical Arab-Islamic Institute of Science at Johnn Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt was founded in May 18,1982.
Even Angela Merkel's Germany has forgotten why Helmut Kohl's Germany agreed to give up the Deutsche mark for the euro.
"It's a strong currency which behaved during the last ten years better than even the Deutsche Mark in the previous decade," he said.
Harvard University's Martin Feldstein was among economists who have cautioned, since the currency debuted in 1999, that divergent economies such as are found in the EU couldn't fit under a "single roof." The union was led by a Germany that consented to give up its deutsche mark as long as the rest of Europe embraced the German aversion to debt that took hold after two world wars.
During the two years of the 'new Yugoslav Republic' formed by Serbia and Montenegro it was decided that the German mark would be the official currency; but come the demise of the Deutsche Mark they had no choice but to adopt the euro.
It even surrendered the most potent token of its economic recovery, the mighty deutsche mark in favor of the new euro and risked the dissipation of its monetary strength by linking financially to serially incompetent finance ministries such as those of Greece and Italy.
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