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So also we did not call Sweden as Sverige, Germany as Deutchland, Spain as Espania, Finland as Suomi and so on.
Glibenclamide was obtained from Sanofi-aventis Deutchland GmbH, Germany.
(Petersen Jens, Church Tax in Deutchland, EKD Church Office website) Dr Petersen states that, "After getting back territories annexed by France there was an obligation to look after church property, land, assets and ministers so in the mid 1800's financing of the church was needed by the Princes and replaced church arranged methods which lead to church tax".
This service is offered free of charge and will include daily newspapers such as the Financial Times Deutchland or Frankfurter Allgemeine and special interest magazines.
PARTEC 2007 - Word Congress on Particle Technology, 2007, Nurnberg, Deutchland, (2007).
"Deutchland E-ber alles is the first line of the first stanza of 'Das Lied der Deutchen,' i.e.
This network included the Banco Lisboa & Acores, the National Bank fur Deutchland from Berlin, Lippman Rosenthal & Ca from Amsterdam and Seligman Brothers from N.
IAML Germany (AIBM Gruppe Bundesrepublik Deutchland) publishes the quarterly Forum Musikbibliothek.
Deutchland, Amerika und die "gelbe Gefahr": Zur karriere eines schlagworts in der grossen politik, 1905-1917 [Germany, America and the "yellow peril": The career of a catchphrase in big politics, 1905-1917].
He saw first hand the importance of this while working on the 60,000 s/f Deutchland Regional Office in Turkey, the local architectural firm they were working with realized they had not included a chauffeur's room or a tea room in their plans.
Der Eiskremverbrauch fur alle 22 Lander wurde mit 5,7% angegeben und erreichte 3,4642 Miniarden Liter, wobei Deutchland mit 671,5 Millionen weit vor Italien mit 595 Millionen und Grossbritannien mit 461,5 Millionen Liter lag.
The first result of their efforts comes on August 3 when a German cruise ship, the Deutchland, berths at Cardiff carrying more than 500 passengers, plus crew.