Detroit River

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a short river flowing from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie along the border between the United States and Canada

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On the Detroit River, the prespawn season starts as soon as the river's ice-free and safe to navigate.
Caption: The Ambassador Bridge spanning the Detroit River. (Photo courtesy of Mike Russell.)
The scope also includes building new, state-of-the-art ports of entry on both the US and Canadian side of the Detroit River as well as improvements to existing infrastructure in both Michigan and Ontario.
During the race, Miss HomeStreet and the rest of the hydroplanes thrilled spectators with high speeds and top-notch competition on the 2.5-mile Detroit River course.
According to the CBC, plans to build a new dock in Windsor, Ontario, Canada's west end has alarmed some environmentalists who are concerned about protecting the Detroit River. In the coming months, Brighton Beach Aggregates will be placing chunks of concrete into the Detroit River--directly across from Zug Island--to build the dock that is expected to be completed by September.
sinks, but there is no sea, only the Detroit River, filthy as the
Central to the process on assimilation that Cangany traces was the fact that, "In 1796, when Britain ceded Detroit to the United States, the Detroit River became for the first time in its history an international boundary" (pp.
03 "When I was a young degenerate, my friends and I would steal boats from the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle and chase the freighters on the Detroit River," Fisher says.
He volunteered to swim across the Detroit River to spy on the Americans who were on Bois Blanc Island, leading up to the Battle of Fort Detroit.
GO ON TOUR Take a city tour (from [euro]51) at In summer you can enjoy the city skyline from the with a cruise along the Detroit river. (from [euro]88 including food and drink).
During a wildly daring prison van hijacking and go-fast boat escape on the Detroit River, Moore incurs a severe head injury during a gun battle (delete this).
Three weeks passed before the bag was X-rayed and destroyed at an island in the Detroit River.
government's presence, the entire project of an elaborate boat ramp and fishing pier on the Detroit River, would be at a dead end.
The city, founded as a small French fort on the Detroit River that grew to be a hub of the global auto industry, emerged from bankruptcy last month after shedding almost $7 billion of its roughly $18 billion debt.
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