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Comparison of activation and detoxication mechanisms in rodents and in humans.
This detoxication fight should react to every negative action and should last for a lifetime.
Host-plant adaptation in fall armyworm hoststrains: comparison of food consumption, utilization, and detoxication enzyme activities.
Throughout phase I detoxication structurally diversified chemicals are, with cytochrome P450 mono-oxygenase system, oxidated into their metabolically activated forms.
The Church of Scientology received 122,500 dollars, and the amount was spread out to the various organisations, with the New York Rescue Workers Detoxication Fund getting 67,500 dollars, the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood 50,000 dollars and ABLE, another Scientology offshoot, getting 5,000 dollars.
We think that fenitrothion increases glucose release from liver into blood through activation of glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis as a detoxication mechanism to overwhelm fenitrothion-induced toxic stress (10).
Detoxication enzyme inducers modify cytokine production in rat mixed glial cells.
glabra (RSG) [3] the Liliaceae plant, has been used for detoxication, dampness relief, and joint problems, as recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (1).
His treatment at a detoxication unit had been successful and he was taking medication to help overcome his addiction.
Scientific studies suggest that a higher amount of oxygen in the liver leads to better digestion of nutrients and improved detoxication.
Morrissey E, Schuckit M: Stressful life events and alcohol problems among women seen at a detoxication center.
The 30-strong team with a biological weapon-proof vehicle and two detoxication vehicles based at a GSDF base in Kumamoto, are expected to head shortly for the summit venue, Nago, on Okinawa Island, southwestern Japan.
He said she had completed a successful detoxication programme.