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Synonyms for desperation

Synonyms for desperation

Synonyms for desperation

a state in which all hope is lost or absent


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desperate recklessness

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The only man who rivals Henry in the violence of his language about the ravages of war is Timon, who in the desparation of his misanthropy urges Alcibiades to ravish Athena in words hardly stronger than Henry's own:
According to Jose Ramos-Horta, Fretilin's foreign affairs spokesman at the time, "'The unilateral declaration was an act of desparation, essentially forced upon the leadership of Fretilin in the face of abandonment from everybody.'" Id.
Brown "Uzbekistan Resurrects River-Diversion Scheme: Desparation or Inspiration?" Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Newsline (30 September 2002), at
The Titan men survived a desparation three-pointer by Linfield that found the basket but didn't beat the final horn.
For that reason and for the sheer degree of desparation in African development generally, we must nevertheless continue the search for objective explanations of not only why African countries have fallen so much behind South East Asia in the struggle for economic development, but also why there are such glaring differences in material achievement between immigrant groups (like `Asians' and `Lebanese') on the one hand and Africans on the other, and between the African communities themselves.
When he can't get through or she isn't home yet in the evening,, a fearful desparation comes over him.
Occasionally, on the likes of Change, he adds an unexpectedly jagged edge in contrast - and dirge-like Lebanon has an air of desolate desparation. Best of all is spoken word Homeless, which recalls some of Moore's masterworks.