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Freshwater algae of the southeastern United States: part 6: Chlorophyceae Zygnematales: Desmidiaceae (section 4).
These taxonomic studies demonstrate that Chlorophyta is an important group in the phycological flora, with Desmidiaceae the most representative due to the acidic characteristics of the waters in Amazonian ecosystems.
Phytoplankton species composition and abundance: Four classes of phytoplankton namely Bacillariophyceae (diatoms), Chlorophyceae (green algae), Cyanobacteria (bluegreen algae), and Desmidiaceae (desmids) were recorded in the reservoir.
La dieta observada, en dos estomagos arrojo lo siguiente: material vegetal (1.75%), restos de insectos (7.61%), Odonata (1.69%); algas: Oedogoniales (2.33%), Tetrasporaceae (70.76%), Desmidiaceae (6.43%), Bacillariophyceae (2.33%) y Oscillariophyceae (7.01%).
vittatum 4 1 2 3 Gronblad Familia Desmidiaceae Ralfs sensu Silva A410 Cosmarium contractum var.