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lt;p>Desktop virtualization allows companies to host an employee's desktop OS and applications in a virtual machine on a central server, where they can be accessed using a Web browser from a thin client or desktop PC.
The solution offers advanced features including support for up to 16 monitors attached to a single virtual machine, the ability to use any USB device with an IRIS client, desktop OS de-duplication, and support for QoS on their clients.
This time around, in addition to evolving Windows Mobile's look and feel more towards that of Microsoft's new Vista desktop OS, Microsoft also claims to have improved the platform's usability and has added support for Microsoft Office features previously available only on PCs.
These laptops have gone through a rigorous certification process to assure that the Xandros Desktop OS and our hardware work together in perfect harmony.
In essence, XP is the first desktop OS built expressly for the corporate market It has qualities geared for business that previous versions of Windows lacked.
2 also offers image compression to accelerate the deployment of desktop OS image files while reducing traffic over the wire.
Still, such impressive numbers may not tell the whole story; other recent surveys show an expected tightening of Microsoft's grip on the desktop OS market, with 99.
Meanwhile, Microsoft is also keeping busy on the consumer front, developing Millenium - the next version of its Windows 9x desktop OS series - and Neptune, which is Microsoft's answer to what Bill Gates has dubbed the "post-PC" age.
Unlike any other desktop OS, Windows 95 works with all popular networks--at the same time.
Delving into areas such as fundamental Windows 7 administration concepts and various desktop OS topics, this full-color book addresses the skills necessary for individuals looking to break into a career in IT.
Perhaps Fuchsia is something completely new for Google - a robust full desktop OS alternative to Chrome OS.
The interface of the mobile version of the OS is built in such a way that it will align seamlessly with its desktop OS and Xbox One OS version.
Telecommunications News that he hoped to see a viable desktop OS within one to
Earlier it was reported that Microsoft was looking at getting rid of the licensing fee altogether, but since the software giant still makes a good portion of its revenue from licensing its desktop OS, it is likely unwilling to cede that stream entirely.