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a personal computer small enough to fit conveniently in an individual workspace

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DataRemote is one of the first companies to design, build and market wireless modems that operate on the CDMA and PCS networks, and its tracking modules utilize the latest technology to provide constant, on-demand information about valuable assets, their physical location and status -- all visible on either a secure web site or on the user's in-house desk-top computer.
In addition, probation and parole officers can access real-time tracking data from their office, home or car by accessing the internet through their desk-top computer, or Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs) such as internet ready cell phones and Palm type devices.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Desk-Top Computer For Computer Department Under Css
All transactions are in the public realm and in real time so that anyone connected to the Internet with a desk-top computer will be able to see blocks of power being bought and sold.
From a desk-top computer, point and click operations create multimedia patient records which can include video clips and still images.
Nowadays, few people could live without computers, either as traditional desk-top computers, lap- tops and I-pads, or to enable their phone, fridge, car or TV to work.
s desk-top computers, Apple Computer's flat-panel computers and fourth-generation iPhones.