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Synonyms for desktop

the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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The CCH Master Tax Guide is a very popular desk-top reference book.
"The main computer continued to operate as normal but 80% of the desk-tops across the department were unable to access information for new and amended claims."
Under this agreement HP would consolidate and maintain KONE's servers and local area networks, operate help desks, and harmonise desk-top computing environments in KONE's global network.
From Carson Optical, their new desk-top retro-telescope is so new there's no name for it yet.
The multi-speed SM19202FP Fast-poll modem is now offered in desk-top, DIN rail mounting, or rack-mount configurations.
The long-range performance allows radio-equipped personnel to receive a call from practically anywhere in the building and instantly answer back using a portable 2-way radio or desk-top base station.
He added: "Their valuations were primarily desk-top valuations based on limited, publicly available information and assumptions."
of Arkansas) provide a desk-top reference for engineers, students, and researchers who intend to carry out model-based electronic engineering.
Business was also brisk around the ELF range of desk-top labellers, with post show orders already received for the entry level ELF-20 and ELF-50, ideal for smaller production runs.
Nor Systems Ltd, tel:0125 525 2722, the major suppliers of labels to the food industry, tell us they have increased their plain label production capacity, and launched a new logo to match their fast growth in the desk-top label printer market.
has introduced its single-output family GT-21148 series of desk-top power supplies.
GlobTek Inc.'s single-output family GTM21097(CC) Series is a desk-top Class I, protective ground, double-enforced insulation mechanical configuration series.
GlobTek has introduced its single-output family, GT(M)21089/21096 Series, desk-top, wall-plug-in North America, Europe, U.K., Australia open-frame switching power supplies.
Powermonitor II links with Rockwell Software monitoring software RS Power to provide power device configuration and monitoring, giving a complete overview of power usage direct to desk-top.
NOR Systems, tel:0125 525 2722, will be showing their latest range of electronic desk-top label printing systems and label creation programs, including special nutritional labelling software at the show.