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In my study, a small desk calculator, which replaces an old metal adding machine, puts numbers into memory, computes percentages, and gives me the square root of my checkbook balance.
While most of the city's buildings are modelled in a stylised form the model also includes detailed replicas of 20 of the landmarks such as the Millennium Centre - complete with its famous inscription fully lit - no bigger than a desk calculator and of Cardi Castle with a clock tower the size of a pepper mill.
"Edsac was the first to go into regular service to help the people Sir Maurice saw in Cambridge, researchers struggling with computation using desk calculators," the BBC quoted Dr David Hartley, chairman of the CCS, as saying.
* Turn off all electronics (computers, copiers, coffee machines, desk calculators, etc.) when not in use.
We are giving away 20 handy-sized Citroen desk calculators, each worth pounds 12.