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a piece of furniture with a writing surface and usually drawers or other compartments

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The word `limes' was like fire to powder, his yellow face flushed, and he rapped on his desk with an energy which made Jenny skip to her seat with unusual rapidity.
Pine's death had happened suddenly, and that these papers, which he probably kept in his official desk, had never come to the knowledge of his heirs, or were supposed to relate to the business of the revenue.
The force with which she tied her shoe when the lacing came undone, the flirt over shoulder she gave her black braid when she was excited or warm, her manner of studying,--book on desk, arms folded, eyes fixed on the opposite wall,--all had an abiding charm for Seesaw Simpson.
said Stryver, slapping the desk with his contentious hand, opening his eyes wider, and taking a long breath, "if I understand you, Mr.
Here I sit at the desk again, on a drowsy summer afternoon.
On the floor of this chamber, which was dotted with highly carved wooden desks and chairs, were assembled about forty or fifty male Martians around the steps of a rostrum.
Fogg and his two companions took their places on a bench opposite the desks of the magistrate and his clerk.
The master looks at his great silver watch, and then, with tiresome deliberation, puts the ferule into his desk.
The individual at the desk rose and departed, closing the door as he went out.
There was a big desk in it, and a couple of big arm-chairs; a Turkey carpet adorned the floor, and the walls were decorated with sporting prints.
The writing paper on this desk had the word Mary printed on it, implying that if there were other Marys they didn't count.
Get my desk, Agnes, and send these things away: I will answer the letter directly.
He searched amongst the papers on his desk and brought out at last a flimsy half-sheet of notepaper which he studied carefully.
On the way back to the office, Daylight dropped into a bookstore and bought a grammar; and for a solid hour, his feet up on the desk, he toiled through its pages.
Here, finding myself well screened from public view, I broke open the desk with the help of the stone, and began to look over the contents.