Willem de Sitter

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Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)


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The only story not involving romantic partners, "Thus I Refute Beelzy," centers on cruel, overbearing Simon Carter (nice work by Wichman, whose offhand manner chills) and his son Small Simon (an eerie DeSitter).
Also, using an approximate of the deSitter solution on the brane (assuming [T.sub.0] = -6[H.sup.2.sub.0] = -24 x [10.sup.-36]), we obtain scale factor a(t), shown in Figure 1.
(35.) Desitter I, Guerrouahen BS, Benali-Furet N, Wechsler J, Janne PA, Kuang Y, et al.
DeSitter, (72) in which a new black resident of a white Chicago suburb alleged that a neighbor firebombed his car to intimidate the plaintiff and his family and drive them out of the area.