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Synonyms for stubble




Synonyms for stubble

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

short stiff hairs growing on a man's face when he has not shaved for a few days

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It starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as Crockett and Tubbs, the police officers who sparked a trend for pastel–coloured Armani suits and designer stubble. Thomas coined the acronym EGOT, meaning Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, in reference to his plans for winning all four of the awards.
Derren Brown's newly shaved head is 100 times better than whatever he had going on up there before and he's sorted out his devilish facial fuzz at the same time leaving him with a much sleeker-looking designer stubble.
With his designer stubble and sultry look we reckon 39-year-old Frenchman Jacquelin could easily protect us from baddies and whisk us away from danger in his Aston Martin should the need arise.
Dominic Cooper plays Munnings as a Jamie Redknapp lookalike, his F-words and designer stubble another two reasons why he's just too 21st century for his own good.
David Beckham, who is currently sporting a designer stubble, came third, while grey-bearded George Clooney and Ben Affleck, who has a full face fuzz, took the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.
But if it is based on someone with designer stubble saying "We thought it might be quite fun to do a Hovis", then you should run not only for the hills but also to an- other agency.
It won a worldwide audience and persuaded an entire generation of men that designer stubble and pastel shades were the height of fashion.
The designer stubble seemed to be appreciated by the ladies."
George is the world's greatest ambassador for designer stubble and shades.
In this city, too, designer stubble and dark-mirrored bars act as a backdrop to the slightly more frequent external gossip from Europe (it's nearer and Israelis have to get out frequently to preserve their sanity).
But, determined to carve a music career, Jamie is back - with a rockier sound, an edgier look and even designer stubble.
He cut my father's hair and he has cut mine all my life, ever since I was a child," says Norten, a lanky, accessible 48-year-old with designer stubble and a Polo shirt, in his industrial-hip offices in the Condesa.
The new subject flourished in the 'designer decade' of the 1980s, when consciousness of design reached unprecedented heights in everything from designer jeans to designer socialism and designer stubble, people went round as unpaid walking advertisements wearing famous designers' monograms on the outside of their clothes, and business executives paid fortunes for logos and corporate identity gimmicks.
STAFF at police stations have been banned from having brightly coloured hair, designer stubble and visible tattoos - even though they have no contact with the public.
"The New Multi Grooming Kit MGK 3045 is perfect for the man who wants to switch between sharp beard styles with expert precision and or else designer stubble, just like Eric Dier's.