Australian Desert

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general name given to all desert areas in Australia

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You might pick a tropical island like Hawaii, the deserts of Australia or decide to do it Vegas style.
Australian Aboriginal art is an international contemporary art movement that has its roots in the central deserts of Australia. The movement began as recently as 30 years ago when Aboriginal tribal elders were introduced to modern acrylic paints and media.
-- 1993, 'Biogeography, human ecology and prehistory in the sandridge deserts of Australia', Archaeology in Oceania 37:35-50.
From here in Peru to the Philippines, and from the deserts of Australia to the ice-covered lands of the Arctic circle, Indigenous peoples have much to teach our world."
As for the deserts of Australia, "They do exist," Baz says.
The asylum seekers abandoned to the so called `Pacific solution' and imprisoned in the suburbs or deserts of Australia are the figures of a nation's failure to understand itself as more than an aggressive aggregate of fears.
Not only is this site distant from the Carnarvon Ranges, Warburton and James Range regions, but it also represents a measurably different kind of arid environment from the Western and Central Deserts of Australia. Walshe's (2000:78) assertion that the Tasmanian Devil while "...
Burbidge AA Johnson KA Fuller PJ and Southgate RI (1988) Aboriginal knowledge of mammals of the central deserts of Australia. Australian Wildlife Research, 15:9-39.
In contrast, deserts of Australia and most deserts in Asia present broad, open expanses with little topographic relief.
Competitors started in London, travelling by car, ferry and cargo plane ( taking in the Alps of Europe, the tea plantations of India and the deserts of Australia ( to arrive in Sydney 30 days later.