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any of various leaping rodents of desert regions of North America and Mexico

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The three remaining battle groups in the Desert Rats were all scrambled on to standby and put on immediate notice to move to Basra.
At one point the Desert Rats had Basra surrounded to prevent enemy forces fleeing to regroup elsewhere.
The deployment includes Headquarters 1(UK) Armoured Division, with support from 7th Armoured Brigade, better known as the Desert Rats, along with 16 Air Assault Brigade and 102 Logistics Brigade.
PROUD Gary holds new arrival Orla in his beret; FAMILY Parents and baby; PARENT PATROL Desert Rat dads-to-be in Basra last month
The idea was sparked by an appeal from a Scot in the Desert Rats - which includes the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and The Highlanders.
The civil disorder gave the Desert Rats the perfect opportunity to move into the city and take contr ol of a battleground whose capture is vital to the allies, according to a pooled report by Greg Swift of the Daily Express.
Lt Col Hugh Blackman, the commanding officer of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, which is now the most advanced of the Desert Rats' battle groups, confirmed the strategy as he briefed his troops.
After a brief firefight the Desert Rats cleared and secured a cordon along the border allowing other elements of the brigade to crash through.
IF you have played the twin brother of this, Desert Rats v Afrika Korps, you will find no surprises.
The Desert Rats surrounded the building with Challenger 2 tanks before the lightening raid.
Earlier, it emerged that another soldier who was shot on Sunday and died yesterday was a Desert Rats tank commander.
Front-line soldiers from 2RTR, known throughout the world as the Desert Rats, tested the Minimi gun close to their base, Camp Cambrai , in the northern Kuwaiti desert, in searing heat of more than 35 Celsius.
Charles Heyman, editor of Jane's World Armies, said if war began in mid-March, the Brigade, known as the Desert Rats, is more likely to be involved in a second wave of attack.
Since that time the regiment has served in the desert campaigns of 1939-1943 and during World War II supported the famous 7th Armoured Division ``The Desert Rats''.
I was badly wounded during the Second World War while serving in Tunisia with the Desert Rats, so I know what these men and women are going through.