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German field marshal noted for brilliant generalship in North Africa during World War II (1891-1944)

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As thousands prepare to gather at IGN Con to celebrate and share their passion for all things video games , movies , comics and pop culture , GMC's Desert Fox concept is itself a potential automotive legend in the making, exuding its own unique blend of style and power.
According to the Independent, Nico Hofmann, the film's producer, however, told Der Spiegel that in his movie Rommel is not the victorious and noble 'Desert Fox' who was even respected by the British.
If a desert fox had found her before her rescue, we would have never seen her."
The book features rare photos, top secret orders and reports of missions, including a daring raid to capture one of Hitler's top generals - Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox.
Enterprise participated in air strikes against Iraqi targets in Operation Desert Fox, the U.S.
The paper citing the British daily The Guardian reported Wednesday that the Iraqi government "has been in touch with nuclear industry in France with the aim of rebuilding at least one of the Iraqi nuclear reactors." In 1998 the US and UK launched a bombing campaign called "Operation Desert Fox" to destroy the last two remaining reactors in Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons program.
He was respected by friend and foe alike and earned the sobriquet "Desert Fox" for his daring exploits in the North Africa Campaign.
Rommel's desert commanders; the men who served the Desert Fox, North Africa, 1941-1942.
Part of the oustanding "Commanders in Focus" series from Brassey's, Eriwn Rommel 1891-1944 by Karl Hoffmann is an in-depth analysis of one of Germany's most famous and celebrated military leaders, a gentleman warrior also known as the "Desert Fox".
For a child it is a magical story of adventure and romance with visits to asteroids to meet grotesque adults and making friends with an enchanted little desert fox. Ten years later my love for it survived an exhaustive academic study when I was a student of French literature.
Instead of putting a stop to Hitler's "Desert Fox" in Africa, soldiers boarded transport ships and sailed north to the Aleutian Islands where the freezing waters of' the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean collide, a place where storms, called williwaws, grant no mercy, and mistakes can send ships and men to icy graves on the ocean floor.
In response, UNSCOM placed sophisticated monitoring devices to detect chemical or biological weapons, though these were dismantled after the bombing raids of December 1998 known as 'Operation Desert Fox'.
resumed bombing as part of Operation Desert Fox. Lovett, a Gulf War vet, lives with a variety of physical and emotional scars from her tour of duty, which included days of body-burying detail along a stretch of an Iraqi road nicknamed "Death Highway."
The fourth crisis, culminating in Operation Desert Fox, resulted from inspection incidents that nearly led to U.S.
His December 1998 report detailing Saddam's continued intransigence led to the U.S.-led bombing of Iraq ("Operation Desert Fox") and the final expulsion of UN weapons inspectors.