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Synonyms for descending

moving or sloping down

Antonyms for descending

coming down or downward

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Once we have got collaborative frequencies of all topics in community cm, we rank them by sorting frequency descendingly and then select the top N topics as the research topics of the community.
The candidate students are ranked in a queue descendingly by their scores.
According to the layout of the test locations and readers, these test locations aren't located in the same region but have the same one sequence of readers ID ([R.sub.1], [R.sub.2], [R.sub.3], [R.sub.4]), which is sorted descendingly by the RSSI between the each location and all readers in theory.
The pages will be ordered descendingly according to the page rank values.
The token evidence culled is presented below, primarily by group, according to the original number of syllables and to root syllable length, and secondarily by individual lexical item, descendingly ordered by frequency of occurrence in the nominative plural and the accusative plural in the textual materials examined.