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an ascetic Muslim monk

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The sun had not long risen before the Sultan, who was anxious to leave nothing undone that might deliver the princess, arrived with a large suite at the gate of the monastery, and was received by the dervishes with profound respect.
"There ain't a bob on the beach," said Grubb in an undertone, and the Desert Dervishes plied their bicycles with comic "business," that got a laugh from one very unsophisticated little boy.
The entire display was of Mevlevi dervishes (their order named after the great Jalaluddin Rumi) quite surprising in their variety.
A total of 23 dervishes from the Sufi Gonabadi Order have been sentenced to lashings and prison terms of up to 26 years, according to a human rights group, which cast the convictions as a further strangling of freedom of religion in Iran.
Popular legend assigns Yunus Emre to the Bektasi order of dervishes, which was established in the thirteenth century (a few years before his birth), under the leadership of Haci Bekta?
Summary: In the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center organized a cultural evening at Sidon's Khan al-Franj Wednesday filled with music, Sufi poetry and whirling dervishes.
"As you know a number of Dervishes (followers of a Shiite sect) had caused public disturbance due to their illegal gathering and the law enforcement police and Basij (volunteer) forces treated them with their good level of power," General Ashtari said on Monday.
The most powerful and popular Sufi sect in Anatolia is called Mevlevi (whirling dervishes) and they wear plain white dresses (called tennure) during the whirling ritual (Sema ayini in Turkish).
ISLAMABAD -- The mesmerizing ritual dance of the whirling dervishes from Turkey and singing of the patriotic songs by Pakistani singers left the audience spellbound at a show held at the President House.
As part of the festival world-famous Cappadocia, Hagia-Sophia, Pamukkale, Ephesus and also whirling dervishes in Reunion Night (E[currency]eb-i Arus) are greatly attracting attention.
Dervishes and Islam in Bosnia: Sufi Dimensions to the Formation of Bosnian Muslim Society
Dervishes are Sufi Muslims who represent the revolving heavens with their spinning dance, and it turns out the dance also mirrors the physics of a spinning Earth.
She explored the idea of spirituality in different cultures, with a focus on Sufi whirling dervishes. The collection featured great use of colour, and the artist materialised the concept of "finding the light" on canvas.
New York, NY, April 04, 2013 --( Kultur is proud to announce the DVD release of Konya and the Whirling Dervishes the newest addition in the acclaimed series, Sites of the World's Cultures, available April 30, 2013.